Many Huisfit commissions are undertaken for repeat clients and returning yachts initiated by word of mouth recommendations, always based on the team’s understanding that today’s client is tomorrow’s ambassador. 

Huisfit has already proven itself to sail and motor superyachts built by shipyards like Feadship, Lürssen, Abeking & Rasmussen, Heesen, Vitters, Claasen, Holland Jachtbouw.

In addition numerous Royal Huisman-built yachts have benefitted from Huisfit. Below is an overview of recently delivered projects.

Huisfit2020 Hanuman m cory silken 2009 07 18 1331 resize resize

Hanuman Huisfit 2020

  • 42m / 138ft J-class
  • Royal Huisman, 2009
  • Returning

Hanuman, the 42m / 138ft J Class yacht came to the Netherlands to take advantage of Royal Huisman’s Huisfit program. Owner Jim Clark: “As a nearly 12 year-old boat, it needed to be brought up to modern standards. (…) I would not consider a refit anywhere else.”

One of Royal Huisman’s main priorities is taking care of the fleet: not only throughout the warranty period but far into the future. A Royal Huisman yacht is designed and constructed to be as trouble-free and operationally efficient as can be, recognizing that the oceans are a testing environment. Owners welcome the reassurance that the Royal Huisman and Huisfit teams stand firmly behind the work they do, providing expert advice, service and support: worldwide, but also at our facilities in the Netherlands.

Huisfit2020 Hanuman s JC behind the wheel Tom Nitsch DI 09 45 4a resize
Huisfit2020 Topaz m capt Romke Loopik IMG 2521 r 74c resize

Topaz Huisfit 2020

  • 43m / 140ft J-class
  • Holland Jachtbouw, 2015
  • Returning

Topaz returned to Huisfit at Royal Huisman Amsterdam. Captain Romke Loopik comments: “After a very unfortunate incident in the Caribbean, we are glad that Topaz is returning to Huisfit for repairs. The team at Huisfit know the boat like no other and with the expertise and planning of Royal Huisman combined with the skills of hull builder Freddy Bloemsma we are sure Topaz will emerge after this repair better than ever. We trust the team and the high standards they are known for. In this difficult [Covid-19] time it will be a challenge, but this is the best solution for the yacht.”

Huisfit2020 Topaz s Huisfit 2020 c resize
Huisfit2020 Broadwater m by Tom van Oossanen DJI 0999 resize

Broadwater Huisfit 2019 - 2020

  • Formerly: Rasselas
  • 52m / 171ft motor yacht
  • Feadship, 1994
  • Returning

Major conversion of the Feadship Broadwater: the scope of work ranges from various comfort and esthetical upgrades inside and out, to changes relating to classification requirements. Length pre-Huisfit 2019 - 2020: 52m / 171ft, length post-Huisfit 2019 - 2020: 56 m / 184ft.

The brief from the experienced Owner is to convert his yacht into a “modern and livable home away from home” with charter capability. The new exterior and interior styling has been created by the talented yacht designer Adam Voorhees, who was inspired by the Owner’s input to define an abundance of desirable modifications.

MCM Newport’s Peter Wilson assisted Broadwater’s Owner with the selection of the refit shipyard and also oversees the conversion project which includes a 4m / 13ft re-styled extension of the hull; rebuild of the sundeck including a new composite mast with sun awning; interior re-styling and modifications; additional board systems required for a classification change (Owner’s brief) from “private use” to “commercial use”; new teak and furniture on the main and bridge deck; and the painting of the superstructure and hull, based on a new color scheme.

Huisfit2020 Broadwater s by Tom van Oossanen DSC 9728 resize
Huisfit2020 Lionheart m Huisfit2019 2020 byRoyalHuisman l3 resize

Lionheart Huisfit 2019 - 2020

  • 43m / 142ft J-class
  • Claasen, 2010

Lionheart, the 42m Hoek designed J Class yacht (Claasen, 2010) came to Royal Huisman Amsterdam to benefit from Huisfit’s expertise.

The 2019 - 2020 Huisfit project included the inspection and servicing of various board systems; PLC improvements and electronics updates; lighting replacement; work on interior and exterior joinery; deck updates and cosmetic improvements to the hull. The Owner’s project management is in the very capable hands of Nigel Ingram of MCM Newport.

Huisfit2020 Lionheart s at Royal Huisman Amsterdam IMG 20190920 135517 16x9 resize
Huisfit2020 Juliet m Norway1c by capt Jonathan Allan resize

Juliet Huisfit 2019 - 2020

  • 44m / 143ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1993
  • Returning (4x)

Juliet will be green - yet her hull shall remain white. The 44m /143ft ketch will embrace all the latest hybrid technology benefits during a major conversion which includes the ultimate systems upgrade with leading-edge propulsion and power generation.

Juliet is a fine example of pioneering, custom-built technologies in the late 20th century. With nearly a quarter million of ocean miles under her keel, she still looks and sails like a dream. Technologies have, of course, evolved rapidly since 1993. Hybrid propulsion and power generation systems are delivering exceptional lifestyle and environmental benefits including silent operation, zero emissions, peak-shaving, shaft-generated power under sail and reduced fuel consumption, together with enhanced operational flexibility and redundancy. 

Recognising that they, too, can enjoy these enhancements to accommodate their cruising lifestyle, the Owners booked a hybrid conversion for Juliet at Royal Huisman’s specialist superyacht refit facility Huisfit. Where better? This is the shipyard that pioneered hybrid propulsion with the game-changing 58m / 190ft ketch Ethereal in 2009 (the world’s first hybrid superyacht) and continued to refine its technological lead with the 46m / 152ft “NextGEN” ketch Elfje and some remarkable new projects (including the hybrid conversion of a 30m / 99ft Royal Huisman cutter). 

Hybrid “Huisfits” provide quality yachts of Juliet’s era with a lasting new lease of life and the shipyard team see these conversions increasing in number. Not only do Owners and Captains appreciate the benefits of the enhanced quality of life aboard but also – by anticipating future environmental regulations – they see a wise investment in future-proofing a fine yacht.

Huisfit2020 Juliet s at RH Amsterdam for Huisfit2019 2020 IMG 20190829 202118r resize
Huisfit2020 Yonder m Photo by team Huisfit 16x9 resize

Yonder Huisfit 2020

  • 19m / 64ft Sloop
  • Royal Huisman, 1988
  • Returning

The Owner’s brief was to return his Royal Huisman yacht to overall newbuild condition and to upgrade her various board systems with the latest technologies – all with the utmost respect for her original styling and detailing. A commission which suits Huisfit perfectly, as this is the way the Huisfit specialists like to work and this is the type of work they excel in.

The extensive worklist included many aspects of Yonder’s sailhandling, exterior, interior and board systems: a commission eagerly undertaken by the Huisfit team, who enjoyed working for and with the Owner’s team. Likewise, Yonder’s happy Owner had no doubts about his decision to return Yonder to the shipyard in Vollenhove where she was originally delivered in 1988. He comments: “For us, Royal Huisman was the only option for a refit with the high demands that we had. Royal Huisman stands for high quality and very skilled employees, which is extremely important when you want to renovate this sailing yacht like it was built 30 years ago with underneath, the technical standards from today. Besides the ship was originally built here and we wanted to refit her with the same passion as the shipyard had previously done. We are very happy with the result.”

Huisfit2020 Yonder s photo by team Huisfit IMG 5147 resize
Huisfit2020 30m undisclosed cutter m sailing 1 16x9 resize

30m Undisclosed cutter Huisfit 2020

  • 30m / 99ft Cutter
  • Royal Huisman, 1999
  • Returning

Major conversion to fit the latest hybrid technology: the ultimate systems upgrade with leading-edge propulsion and power generation. 

Hybrid propulsion and power generation systems deliver exceptional lifestyle and environmental benefits including silent operation, zero emissions, peak-shaving, shaft-generated power under sail and reduced fuel consumption, together with enhanced operational flexibility and redundancy. 

Recognising that they, too, can enjoy these enhancements to accommodate their cruising lifestyle, the Owners booked a hybrid conversion at Royal Huisman’s specialist superyacht refit facility Huisfit. Where better? This is the shipyard that pioneered hybrid propulsion with the game-changing 58m / 190ft ketch Ethereal in 2009 (the world’s first hybrid superyacht) and has continued to refine its technological lead with the 46m / 152ft ‘NextGEN’ ketch Elfje and some remarkable new projects (as well as the hybrid conversion of s/y Juliet). 

Hybrid “Huisfits” provide quality yachts of this era with a lasting new lease of life and the shipyard team see these conversions increasing in number. Not only do Owners and Captains appreciate the benefits of the enhanced quality of life aboard but also – by anticipating future environmental regulations – they see a wise investment in future-proofing a fine yacht.

Huisfit2020 30m undisclosed cutter s 3c resize
Huisfit2019 Sea Eagle m CBC17249 resize

SEA EAGLE Huisfit 2019

  • 43m / 142ft Sloop
  • Royal Huisman, 2015
  • Returning

Various updates including an extended Lloyd’s 5-year survey.

Huisfit2019 Sea Eagle s IMG 20190830 170945c resize
Huisfit2019 Skat m IMG 20190430 070134701 HDRc resize

Skat Huisfit 2019

  • 71m / 232ft Motor yacht
  • Lürssen, 2002
  • Returning

There can be little doubt that repeat clients are always “a shipyard’s best ambassador”. Skat, the eye-catching Espen Øino designed motor yacht, was delivered by Lürssen Yachts in 2002 and benefitted from Huisfit in 2012. The team was so impressed with the quality and timeliness of the refit program that they returned to the Netherlands several times for more work to be carried out. Various updates were carried out during the 2019 Huisfit at Royal Huisman’s shipyard facility in Amsterdam.

Huisfit2019 Skat s Guillaume Plisson 8435c resize
Huisfit2019 Vagrant m PrakArt 048 resize

Vagrant Huisfit 2017 - 2019

  • 40m / 131ft Schooner
  • Herreshoff Manufacturing Co., 1913

Full rebuild of the historical Herreshoff-built yacht, Vagrant (1913). 

The brief was very clear: reconstruct Vagrant’s magnificent elegance and style – inside and out – with the utmost respect and care for Vagrant’s appearance to reflect the past decades of family ownership. At the same time, re-engineer her with the finest materials and most advanced board systems for sensible, effortless and safe operation, allowing her to cruise with a small and happy crew. In summary: Vagrant should be ready to last for another one hundred years. 

Dykstra Naval Architects was consulted for the update of the rig. Gerry Dykstra comments: “It was a good day when the team visited the office with the news about the planned Vagrant refit. It brought back memories of the 1985 start of what would turn into the Endeavour refit at the shipyard. Vagrant is of the same (or even earlier) yachting era as Endeavour and it is amazing to see how sailing yachts were designed and constructed to perfection in those days. It is always a privilege to have the opportunity to study the details of these yachts and contribute (even if only in a small way) to their preservation and, as a consequence, the related yachting history.

For the schooner Vagrant this history started in 1913 and continued till today and now, thanks to the refit, will continue into the future. This future is made possible with current state-of-the-art technology by Royal Huisman and Rondal which adds superyacht performance and comfort to the timeless elegance of the schooner Vagrant. Over the past century, Vagrant has diligently followed the developments in yachting and sail handling, which is reflected in her current sail plan. When looking at the result, though as always a compromise, I think the choices worked well and schooner Vagrant can be sailed in a safe manner, by a small crew, with good performance with the romantic halo which surrounds her intact.”

Huisfit2019 Vagrant s wk 14 IMG 0417c resize
Huisfit2019 WISP m IMG 0960 002c2photoScheepswerfvooruit resize

Wisp Huisfit 2018 - 2019

  • 48m / 156ft Sloop
  • Royal Huisman, 2014
  • Returning

Various updates including an extended Lloyd’s 5-year survey. The Owner’s project management was provided by Nigel Ingram of MCM Newport.

Huisfit2019 WISP s Deck 042 by carlo baroncini resize
Huisfit2019 TOPAZ m photobySailingEnergy 190622 JR SYC 293141 2143 2048x2048 resize v2

Topaz Huisfit 2019

  • 43m / 140ft J-class
  • Holland Jachtbouw, 2015
  • Returning

Various updates to specifically optimize her regatta performance. Post-refit 2019: Topaz winner of Class B at the Superyacht Cup 2019 (with a little help from Huisfit). The Owner’s project management was provided by Cornelsen & Partner.

Huisfit2019 TOPAZ s photobySailingEnergy 190619 JR SYC 286631 1031 2048x2048 resize v2
Huisfit2019 Asgard m RotsapPhotography hhr resize

Asgard Huisfit 2019

  • Formerly: Hetairos
  • 43m / 141ft ketch
  • Abeking & Rasmussen, 1993

The 43 meter wooden constructed Asgard (formerly Hetairos) as built by Abeking & Rasmussen to the design of Bruce King, and featuring an interior by Winch Design. Asgard was at Royal Huisman Amsterdam to have various updates carried out.

Huisfit2019 Asgard s IMG 0729 resize
Huisfit2019 EOS m IMG 8335 resize

EOS Huisfit 2018 - 2019

  • 93m / 305ft Schooner
  • Lürssen, 2002
  • Returning (2x)

EOS, until recently the world’s largest sailing yacht, has for some time been a regular customer of Royal Huisman’s superyacht refit division, Huisfit. The Owners of EOS and their team were so impressed with the quality and timeliness of the Huisfit program during her previous visits to Holland, that they were pleased to return for more. 

The master list for her 2018 – 2019 refit will keep her on schedule for many years to come: major overhaul of MTU 4000 series main engines; rebuild of all three gensets; servicing and overhaul of shaft lines, gearboxes, thrusters and stabilizers; servicing rudder and rudder motor; general servicing of various board systems including watermaker, treatment unit, Hifog, pumps, bilge and fuel separators; re-organizing tank arrangement including cleaning and coating; survey and inspection of the Rondal rigs; repaint / varnish of the hull, superstructures and rig.

Huisfit2019 EOS s GuyFleury IMGP1249c resize
Huisfit2019 Nixe II m 20190430 075843aec resize

Nixe II Huisfit 2018 - 2019

  • 21m / 69ft Classic motoryacht
  • 1955
  • Returning (4x)

Various updates including hull repairs, painting of hull and varnishing of the superstructure.

Huisfit2019 Nixe II s resize
Huisfit2019 Broadwater s byScottHampton image00001r21c resize v2

Broadwater Huisfit 2019

  • (formerly: Rasselas)
  • 52m / 171ft Motor yacht
  • Feadship, 1994
  • Returning

The Huisfit team assisted Broadwater’s team with general services and her Lloyd’s inspection during the spring of 2019.

The Owner and his team were so impressed with the quality, experience and time scheduling displayed by Royal Huisman’s refit division for various ongoing projects that they decided to return for a major conversion by Huisfit (2019 - 2020).

Huisfit2019 Broadwater s IMG 9402 resize v2
Huisfit2018 Spiip m MichaelKurtzPantaenius StBarths Bucket 11 resize

Spiip Huisfit 2018

  • Formerly: Unfurled
  • 34m / 112ft Sloop
  • Royal Huisman, 2000
  • Returning (2x)

This Frers-designed performance sloop returned to the Netherlands for various updates (incl. PLC replacement) and service following a summer cruise in the Norwegian fjords.

Huisfit2018 Spiip s N9R9080 resize resize
Huisfit2017 Skat m resize

Skat Huisfit 2017

  • 71m / 232ft Motor yacht
  • Lürssen, 2002
  • Returning (3x)

The Huisfit team took on the Espen Øino designed Lürssen motoryacht Skat at its facilities in Amsterdam. Following two earlier assignments on behalf of Skat, carried out by Huisfit in 2012 and 2014 - 2015, the team of Skat was so impressed with the quality and timeliness of the refit programme, that they returned to the Netherlands for more (and again in 2019).

Huisfit2017 Skat s yDutchYachtingIMG 8267czl resize
Huisfit2017 ELFJE m corysilken 2015 02 09 1843c resize

Elfje Huisfit 2017

  • 51m / 168ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 2014
  • Returning

This refit involved the conversion of Elfje’s forward guest cabin into an additional crew cabin. Royal Huisman’s joinery created the new furniture at the yard’s headquarters in Vollenhove, based on inhouse preparations and engineering. The furniture was swiftly but thoroughly replaced / installed during a stopover of Elfje in Palma de Mallorca.

Huisfit2017 ELFJE s Ray Main 62247515 resize
Huisfit2018 Meteor m MichaelKurtzPantaenius StBarths Bucket resize

Meteor Huisfit 2017 - 2018

  • 52m / 169ft Schooner
  • Royal Huisman, 2007
  • Returning

Meteor returned to the shipyard to undergo her 10-year Lloyd’s survey for classification. During the autumn/winter of 2017-2018, Huisfit also carried out maintenance work and addressed various cosmetic jobs.

Huisfit2018 Meteor s Ed Holt YR5Z9528 resize
Huisfit2017 Gliss m Ed Holt YR5Z69502 resize

Gliss Huisfit 2016-2017

  • 32m / 105ft Sloop
  • Royal Huisman, 2006
  • Returning

Gliss, the turquoise Royal Huisman sloop launched in 2006, returned to the shipyard in Vollenhove for a cosmetic overhaul; replacement of the gensets, upgrades to her computer systems and general maintenance. Gliss’ hull was repainted in a stylish whisper grey.

Huisfit2017 Gliss s resize
Huisfit2017 HEARTBEAT m resize

Heartbeat Huisfit 2016 - 2017

  • 24m / 78ft Sloop
  • Claasen, 2007
  • Returning (2x)

Heartbeat, the Truly Classic sloop (Claasen, 2007), found a new home in Vollenhove. Although not originally built by Royal Huisman, the Huisfit team upgraded her systems with a view to enhance her operational reliability, and made significant changes to her aesthetics and functionality during two previous stays at the shipyard. Heartbeat’s Owner and Dutch Maritime Partners, the yacht’s management team, returned the yacht for the 2016 – 2017 winter season to tend to further items on the job list.

Huisfit2017 HEARTBEAT s Jr resize
Huisfit2017 Surama m StB16silken 2016 03 18 1265 resize

Surama Huisfit: 2016-2017

  • Formerly: William Tai
  • 41m / 133ft ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1997
  • Returning (2x)

Following a Scandinavian cruise during the summer season, Surama, the Royal Huisman-built ketch, returned to the Netherlands for general work, servicing and upgrades. The work was executed by Huisfit at a nearby facility in Urk.

Huisfit2017 Surama s FrancoPace B1X9451 resize
Huisfit2016 ANTARES m byWaterlineMedia ANT7727 117x78 cm resize

Antares Huisfit 2016

  • 40m / 131ft ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 2005
  • Returning (2x)

The new Owners of Royal Huisman’s Antares commissioned Huisfit for various updates onboard the ketch as part of the yacht’s meticulously planned preparation for her circumnavigation. Huisfit sent out its own “flying squad” of specialists to Palma de Mallorca. Whilst preserving Royal Huisman’s quality standards, the Huisfit team cooperated with the very best local subcontractors.

Huisfit2016 ANTARES s WaterlineMedia ANT8368 resize
P Adele1 AfterHuisfit15 16 PriskaVanderMeulenIMG 3629

Adèle Huisfit 2015-2016

  • 55m / 180ft ketch
  • Vitters Shipyard, 2005

Her Owner’s team booked Adèle in for an extensive refit by Huisfit, which included servicing and an overhaul of her propulsion, gensets, thrusters and various board systems; climate control update incl. new chiller, fancoils and ducting; replacement of batteries; replacement of various existing lights with LEDs; upgrade and replacement of various electronics (nav/com, alarm and monitoring; interior touch-ups and repairs; new teak deck and partial replacement of the caprail; servicing of hatches, winches and various deck equipment; painting of inside of hull and parts of the interior; repaint/varnish of the hull, superstructures and rig.

P Adele2 AfterHuisfit15 16 PriskaVanderMeulenIMG 3915
Huisfit2015 SAMURAI m Hans Westerink

SAMURAI Huisfit 2014 - 2015

  • 42m / 139ft Composite racer
  • JMV Industries, 2003

Major conversion of the famous carbon composite offshore racer Mari Cha IV. Re-commissioned as SAMURAI, the conversion was carried out for an experienced yachtsman who wished to add cruising amenity to the original sailing performance. The Owner's mission statement to Royal Huisman was that SAMURAI should be beautiful, stealthy looking, very fast, elegantly comfortable, technologically advanced and unforgettable to sail.

Main items on the job list were modifications to the epoxy carbon fiber structure (new deckhouse, superstructure and cockpits); new weight saving interior where there was once none; complete overhaul and upgrade of the onboard systems; a lifting keel to replace her canting keel; new color scheme; lightweight and easy-to-maintain teak-lookalike deck surfacing to harmonize with updated deck equipment.

Huisfit2015 SAMURAI s MichaelKurtzPantaenius SB62647 resize
Huisfit2015 ANTARES m WaterlineMedia ANT8312 resize

Antares Huisfit 2014 - 2015

  • 40m / 131ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 2005
  • Returning (2x)

In 2014 it was no secret that the Owner of Antares (launched by Royal Huisman in 2005) had decided to offer her for sale, and Royal Huisman was delighted to welcome back this Dixon-designed ketch by for service work. 

Capitalizing on the requirement to undergo her 10-year Lloyd’s survey for classification, and with a new main engine recently installed, the work included some cosmetic and maintenance items such as overhaul/rebuild (W6) of gensets; inspection and overhaul of various board systems; survey of the rigs, including re-heading Ds and Vs; painting of hull and rigs.

Huisfit2015 ANTARES s WaterlineMedia ANT7541 resize
Huisfit2015 SKAT m Rene Aalten 14 09 20 HarlingenIMG 1914c resize

Skat Huisfit 2014 - 2015

  • 71m / 232ft Motor yacht
  • Lürssen, 2002
  • Returning (3x)

After her visit to Harlingen in 2012, the Owner and Captain of the motor yacht Skat were pleased to return for more (and again in 2017 and 2019…).

Work on the 2014 - 2015 Huisfit project included the servicing of the main engines and gensets; systems updates; new teak decking for all decks; painting of the hull and superstructure; servicing of all transom doors, passerelle, side boarding platforms, cranes, etc., and the overhaul of the complete sewage plant.

Huisfit2015 SKAT s 29BC08IMG 1622 resize
Huisfit2015 Hyperion m IMG 4870 resize

Hyperion Huisfit 2014 - 2015

  • 47m / 156ft Sloop
  • Royal Huisman, 1998
  • Returning

Following a Scandinavian summer cruise, the Royal Huisman-built sloop launched in 1998 returned to Vollenhove for a Huisfit program with a master list to keep her on schedule for many more years to come: upgrading the propulsion shaft and propeller; replacement and installation of new gensets; new main switchboard; upgrading of navigation and communication electronics; upgrading of PLC hardware and Alarm and Monitoring software; maintenance, overhaul and painting of hull and superstructure; new teak decking.

Huisfit2015 Hyperion s Daniel Rawlins 1 resize
Huisfit2014 Athena m Franco Pace 6CDU2694 eH resize

Athena Huisfit 2014

  • 90m / 295ft Schooner
  • Royal Huisman, 2004
  • Returning

Since her delivery in 2004, Athena has been engaged in extensive world cruising. Taking advantage of a stopover in the Mediterranean in 2014, the Huisfit team was invited to carry out refinishing work on the interior varnish; updates of the electrical systems; and a rod inspection of her rig.

Huisfit2014 Athena s photo by crew Athena resize
Huisfit2014 FLYER ONE m resize

FLYER Huisfit 2014

  • 20m / 65ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1976
  • Returning

A highly nostalgic project for Huisfit! The performance ketch FLYER, designed by Sparkman & Stephens, was launched by the shipyard in 1976 for the late Conny van Rietschoten. This renowned Dutch sailor famously raced the yacht to victory in the 1977 - 1978 Whitbread Round the World Race.

FLYER returned to the Netherlands after being acquired by the “Revival of Flyer” foundation after sailing more than 300,000 nautical miles as the sloop Alaska Eagle. During the rebuild by Huisfit she was given back her ketch rig by re-stepping the mizzen mast. Furthermore, the deckhouse was added and her aluminium hull was overhauled and repainted in its original dark blue.

Huisfit2014 FLYER ONE s MarleneStoffelen Volvo Ocean Race 2014 Alicante 289rt resize
Huisfit2014 Borkumriff IV m 8D5H9673

Borkumriff IV Huisfit 2014

  • 51m / 166 ft Classic schooner
  • Royal Huisman, 2002
  • Returning

Borkumriff IV was “freshened up” in the Med as part of Royal Huisman's Huisfit program. Multiple layers of varnish were re-applied to both deckhouses and her superstructure in preparation for her participation in the Superyacht Cup Palma 2014 as the "Belle of the Ball".

Huisfit2014 Borkumriff IV s Tom Nitsch resize
Huisfit2014 HEARTBEAT m MichaelKurtzPANTAENIUS SYC2013  DSC1785 Arbeitskopie 2 resize

Heartbeat Huisfit 2013 - 2014

  • 24m / 78ft Sloop
  • Claasen, 2007
  • Returning (2x)

After a prosperous season including her impressive win in the Palma Superyacht Cup 2013 (with a little help from her 2012 - 2013 Huisfit) Claasen’s Heartbeat returned to Vollenhove for a cosmetic upgrade, both on the exterior and inside.  

The work list included the production and installation of various new interior sections to re-locate the aft owner's suite to the fore ship. Additional portholes will be installed to provide extra daylight in the forward part of the yacht.

Huisfit2014 HEARTBEAT s IMG 2744 resize
Huisfit2013 Juliet m by Jonathan Allan resize v2

Juliet Huisfit 2013

  • 44m / 143ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1993
  • Returning (4x)

Main items of the 2013 Huisfit project were: replacement of eight rod stays (forestays & backstays) by Carbolink stays and new fittings; repainting both masts; maintenance and overhaul of the main and emergency steering systems; update and improvement of the hydraulic transom door mechanism; various new mahogany cabinets and small upgrades to existing interior cabinetry; work to a number of board systems, overhaul/upgrade of electrics and electronics after 20 years of good service

Huisfit2013 Juliet s P9030237 3 Jonathan Allan r11 resize v2
Huisfit2012 EOS m 2 IMG 1894 resize

EOS Huisfit 2011 - 2012, 2012 - 2013

  • 93m / 305ft Schooner
  • Lürssen, 2002
  • Returning (2x)

Launched by Lürssen in 2006, EOS's active schedule resulted in an extensive refit work-list (Huisfit 2011 - 2012) that included a new paint job for the hull, superstructure and spars; overhaul of deck equipment and Rondal masts; updates to teak deck; extensive service work to mechanics, board systems (including 5 year Germanischer Lloyd re-certification) and air conditioning; a range of general works and cosmetic repairs.

In August 2012, shortly after her refit, EOS experienced an incident on board, in Norway. As a result she returned to Huisfit for major remedial work (2012 - 2013).

Huisfit2012 EOS s 20 06 2012 126 resize
HUISFIT2013 Heartbeat m atSYC JesusRENEDO 2013 06 22 12394 resize resize v2

Heartbeat Huisfit 2012 - 2013

  • 24m / 78ft Sloop
  • Claasen, 2007
  • Returning (2x)

Heartbeat's Owner and management team selected Huisfit for a mixture of general refit work and system upgrades to put her into the best possible aesthetic and operational condition for the upcoming regatta season. All objectives were achieved in full measure, not least her operational efficiency, as witnessed by Heartbeat's impressive win in the Palma Superyacht Cup 2013. 

The full work list included painting the hull; varnishing of the superstructures as well as interior floorboards; review of the electrical system and hydraulic systems; implementing upgrades to the electrical system and board systems. The project was managed on behalf of the Owner by Dutch Maritime Partners, who later reported new-found efficiency and reliability of the upgraded systems.

HUISFIT2013 Heartbeat s JesusRENEDO 2013 06 22 11902 resize v2
Huisfit2013 Nixe II m IMG 3266 resize

Nixe II Huisfit 2012 - 2013

  • 21m / 69ft Classic motor yacht
  • 1955
  • Returning (4x)

Despite being almost 70 years of age, Nixe II seems to emerge from the tender care of Huisfit looking younger after every visit to Vollenhove. A great classic motor yacht with a growing list of present-day features and amenities, Nixe's work-list on this occasion included hull thickness inspection and repairs; hull painting; varnishing of the superstructure; various updates to electronics and mechanics, such as both shaft lines.

Huisfit2013 Nixe II s DSC 4437kopie resize
Huisfit2012 SKAT m bycrewIMG 1484 resize v2

Skat Huisfit 2012

  • 71m / 232ft Motor yacht
  • Lürssen, 2002
  • Returning (3x)

Main items addressed during this refit were the tender bay garage (wall plating, new floors and new hatches); new exterior furniture (main deck and bridge deck); changes to the Jacuzzi deck layout (removal of bar and installation of sun beds); several system works (shaft line, black water CuNi piping replacement, etc.); a range of general works (for example electrics) and cosmetic repairs (paintwork).

Huisfit2012 SKAT s IMG 8742c resize v2
Huisfit2012 Be Mine m Hans Westerink DSC 3525

Be Mine Huisfit 2011 - 2012

  • 40m / 132ft Motor yacht
  • Lürssen, 1991

Another quality build by Lürssen, the motor yacht Be Mine is a steel construction with an aluminium superstructure. Launched in 1991, she required updating and re-modelling work in addition to an extensive refit program, when she arrived at the Royal Huisman facility in Vollenhove in 2011. 

In addition to general repairs and cosmetics, the work included the painting of the underwater body, hull and superstructure; construction work including updates to the sun deck, main deck; updates to the hull portholes; replacement of teak decks; service work to board systems; interior modifications including upgrades to the upholstery; updates to electronics (entertainment, navigation and communication) and electrics.

Huisfit2012 Be Mine s Hans Westerink DSC 6629 resize
Huisfit2011 Arcadia m IMG 3289 resize

Arcadia Huisfit 2011

  • 36m / 117ft Motor yacht
  • Royal Huisman, 2006
  • Returning

On 26th September 2011 the Royal Huisman-built 36m explorer MY Arcadia completed her east-west transit of the Northwest Passage - only the 159th vessel to do so in the 108 years since records began. Before Arcadia departed for her adventurous high latitude cruise, preparations for this voyage included taking advantage of the Huisfit program for general and mechanical service work, upgrades to computer and navigation systems, and minor cosmetic repairs.

Huisfit2011 Arcadia s Luc Hardy ARC 5485r resize
Huisfit2011 KARYATIS m Hans Westerink DSC 90872 resize

Karyatis Huisfit 2010 - 2011

  • 33m / 107ft Sportfisherman
  • Heesen, 2005

The Huisfit refit was undertaken at the Royal Huisman facility in Vollenhove. The full work list included Lloyd’s re-certification; commissioning of all machinery and board systems; updates to electronics; some general works, and cosmetic repairs.

Huisfit2011 KARYATIS s P1210562 resize
Huisfit2011 William Tai m Yachting Partners International resize

William Tai Huisfit 2010 - 2011

  • Formerly (and now): Surama
  • 41m / 133ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1997
  • Returning (3x)

William Tai (built by Royal Huisman as Surama) returned in 2010-2011 for a winter stopover to have mechanical maintenance and cosmetic changes carried out.

Huisfit2011 William Tai s CNI Owners Cb1 resize
Huisfit2009 Juliet m Hans Westerink 20081215 DSC 7817 resize

Juliet Huisfit 2008 - 2009

  • 44m / 143ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1993
  • Returning (4x)

The yacht’s second major refit at the Vollenhove yard since her 1993 launch and the six-figure ocean mileage that followed. Work included a full paint job for the hull, superstructure and spars; a new teak deck; engine and systems overhaul, exhaust replacement; new main switchboard; electronics update, and interior layout modifications.

Huisfit2009 Juliet s Cameron Puckey IMG 0488 resize v2
Huisfit2009 William Tai m Hans Westerink 20081215 DSC 7794 resize v2

William Tai Huisfit 2008 - 2009

  • Formerly (and now) Surama
  • 41m / 133ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1997
  • Returning (3x)

A refit to meet the needs of a new Owner and his family, also designed to pre-empt the need for further refitting during planned extensive global cruising. The work included interior layout modifications; a repaint of the hull, superstructure and spars; new teak deck; new upholstery; rig inspection; overhaul of deck equipment, and a full electronics update.

Huisfit2009 William Tai s Sam Watts DJI 0079 resize v3
Huisfit2007 Nixe II m DSC 4456kopie resize

Nixe II Huisfit 2007

  • 21m / 69ft Classic motor yacht
  • 1955
  • Returning (4x)

The Owner of Nixe II has been a repeat client of Huisfit for many years.

Huisfit2007 Nixe II s DSC 4426kopie resize
Huisfit2007 Red Sula m P5231368c resize

Red Sula Huisfit 2006 – 2007

  • Now: Sunleigh
  • 32m / 105ft Sloop
  • Jongert, 2002

The full work list included: extensive rebuild of the steering system (including replacement of a single rudder with twin carbon rudders and the development of software to achieve asymmetric rudder angles, allowing the outer rudder to describe a large circle than the inner one); modifications to the lazarette; full paint job; inspection of the folding keel.

Huisfit2007 Red Sula s 024 Cees de Graaf resize
Huisfit2006 Foftein m Ed Holt YR5Z7089  resize

Foftein of Rye Huisfit 2005 - 2006

  • 26m / 84ft Ketch
  • Royal Huisman, 1989
  • Returning

The Huisfit program was carried out at the Royal Huisman facility in Vollenhove. The full work list included: updates to the engine room layout; new teak deck; full paint job; new interior layout for owner’s and guests cabins.

Huisfit2006 Foftein s Ed Holt YR5Z7065 HR2 resize
Huisfit2004 Unfurled m BillyBlack 032809SASB 8849 resize

Unfurled Huisfit 2004

  • Now: Spiip
  • 34m / 112ft Sloop
  • Royal Huisman, 2000
  • Returning (2x)

Reflecting a consistently busy schedule of cruising and racing since her 2000 launch, this Frers-designed performance sloop was refitted in Vollenhove to maintain her pristine condition. The work schedule included: full paint job of hull, superstructure, spars and interior; overhaul of the engine, gearbox and propulsion line; overhaul of board systems including a classification survey by ABS; partly new teak deck; replacement of superstructure windows, and update of electronics.

Huisfit2004 Unfurled s Malgarini ACDSee 10.0 TIF Image 6 resize
Huisfit2000 Nixe II m PIC00009r5 resize

Nixe II Huisfit 2000

  • 21m / 69ft Classic motor yacht
  • 1955
  • Returning (4x)

This classic motor yacht, built in 1955, remains in highly active service yet looks like a new boat. She has regularly visited the Royal Huisman refit team over the years (1994, 2000, 2007) for the refit and maintenance of her steel hull and mahogany superstructure; work on board systems; maintenance on propulsion lines and rudders; undertaking sea trials and obtaining Lloyd's approval as part of her five-year survey.

Huisfit2000 Nixe II s PIC00002 resize
Huisfit1989 Endeavour m S35C 310111810320 0002 resize

Endeavour Huisfit 1989

  • 39m / 128ft J-class yacht
  • Camper & Nicholsons, 1934

In 1989 the J-class Endeavour was completely rebuilt by Royal Huisman (nowadays the shipyard's Huisfit division). The yacht, originally built by Camper & Nicholsons in 1934, was saved from a muddy grave by her Owner; restructured in England then brought to Royal Huisman to restore her to her finest condition.

Endeavour's visionary Owner; Dykstra Naval Architects and the shipyard aimed to reconstruct her original style and grace as carefully and respectfully as possible, inside and out, yet re-engineer and re-rig her with the latest materials and machinery for sensible, convenient and safe operation. Below deck, John Munford created a truly fine interior of cherry cabinetry. Behind and underneath the fine woodwork, the shipyard’s engineers managed to squeeze in, without compromising to space, engine, generators, heating, air conditioning and more. Thanks to her Owner, Endeavour did not become a piece of forgotten history – she is a living sailing legend.

Huisfit1989 Endeavour s Zeilfoto1 resize resize