Continuous, long term investment in the shipyard has provided Huisfit with a comprehensive range of infrastructure and facilities that rival any to be found within the industry.

State of the art tooling and equipment can be found in all the manufacturing and construction departments including CNC controlled machine shops that enable perfectly matched and detailed repairs or replacements to be fabricated from the widest range of marine quality materials including wood, aluminium, stainless steel, GRP and carbon composite.

In the hands of the highly skilled and experienced production team – people with an unrelenting passion for perfection – the shipyard’s facilities, equipment and expertise are focused on every project in complete, productive harmony.

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What continues to set Huisfit apart from others, however is that the shipyard remains unique in advancing all essential superyacht skills and knowledge in-house. All projects are able to benefit from the comprehensive and highly regarded design, engineering and production capability of the shipyard and sistercompany Rondal.

Experience, expertise, 2D and highly sophisticated 3D modelling software enable the engineers to develop solutions that optimise functionality, efficiency, use of space and serviceability. In-house know-how ensures extremely accurate weight estimation, enabling the shipyard to control and correct the all-up displacement and trim of the yacht on completion of the work.

Nowadays the shipyard is more flexible capacity-wise than ever before, working in close collaboration with selected and highly qualified co-makers.

These partnering companies work closely together with Huisfit in-house team located in the heart of the Dutch maritime services cluster.

Sea trials can be conducted both pre- and post-refit as a benchmark for the project and to ensure that all issues are correctly identified and (where agreed) rectified.


In summary, Huisfit can accommodate any motor or sailing yacht, from 24m / 78ft to 100m+ / 330ft+. Huisfit's main facilties in Amsterdam 'at a glance':

  • > Total area: 12,000 sqm / 129,200 ft2
  • > Located in the heart of the Dutch maritime services cluster: dense network of partners and suppliers
  • > Non-tidal location with convenient access to North Sea
  • > Three heated main halls for length up to 68m / 223ft
  • > Berthing at deep water quay for in-water-work
  • > Located just 20 minutes from Amsterdam city centre and Schiphol airport
  • > Crew accommodation with offices, houses and apartments at the shipyard
  • > Access to highly regarded services, expertise and innovation of Rondal (Royal Huisman’s sister company): rigs, deck equipment, composites and much more
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An exclusive, virtual tour

During times of restricted freedom of travelling it is a challenge for clients, captains and representatives to visit the facilities where Huisfit caters to the existing superyacht fleet.

As an alternative the team is now offering an exclusive digital shipyard tour, on which your host will take you along the various inhouse places of interest. An attractive and more time-efficient solution for existing clients (who are interested in re-familiarising themselves) and new clients (keen to “experience” before committing to start a new project), alike.

Enjoy a tailor-made private digital viewing: your host can show you either all, or specific aspects, to provide a condensed overview, or to explore all facilities in great detail. As always, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements for future projects: please contact the team to schedule your private, virtual tour.

A stopover in Amsterdam

A stunning cruise in the Northern cruising grounds? Amsterdam is very suitable for a short stopover (and can be combined with support by Huisfit if required).

The Baltic and Norwegian Seas and the coasts of Scotland offer a fantastic diversity of deep water ports and cruising grounds, steeped in history and tradition, cloaked in natural beauty, basking in long hours of daylight and steady winds.

All of this maritime magnificence is easily accessible from Amsterdam, offering the prospect of a very special integrated refit-and-cruise plan. For further information, examples - impressive photos and descriptions - and three introductory cruising options please follow the link 'READ MORE' below.

A stopover in Amsterdam
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Huisfit also rely on their Mediterranean service hub, Palma-based P&G Yachting, renowned for their bespoke support services to the yachting industry. For Huisfit by Royal Huisman it was an obvious choice to become a shareholder in 2017.

P&G Yachting offers expert services, maintenance, spare parts supplies and support to all superyachts, backed by the team in Vollenhove. 

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Recognizing the importance of looking after the team as well as the yacht during the refit process, Huisfit provides purpose-built facilities for project managers, captains and key crew members. Fully furnished offices as well as multiple houses and apartments for crew.

Crew are also provided with logistical support on a wide range of matters including car rentals, immigration and passport requirements, tax advice, accommodation, translation services, medical requirements, banking needs, technical training and registration for fire, safety and first aid courses. Visiting crews are offered a warm Dutch welcome and invited to all the shipyard’s social activities and events such as keel laying, farewells and project launching parties.

The surrounding region of the main Huisfit shipyard location as well as the Dutch cities offer a great diversity of social, cultural and historical interest for visitors as well as a full menu of recreational activities. 

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Huisfit Amsterdam has fully furnished onsite accommodation for crew. Please contact the team for more information.


Information guide for yacht crew at Huisfit Amsterdam

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