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Overhaul, repair or replacement of engine room machinery such as main engines, generators and pumps. Re-engineering of engine room and pump rooms including conversion from conventional propulsion to hybrid (more info via the link to SKILLS followed by 'GREEN SOLUTIONS'). Maintenance, update and/or replacement of machinery, pipe-work, refrigeration and freezer systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, black and grey water systems - via optimised 2D or 3D design as and if required. Overhaul of hydraulics such as reel and drum winches, furlers and tender cranes.

Extended class surveys and inspection: Royal Huisman has a close working relationship with all classification societies and all work can be supervised accordingly. The shipyard is also fully familiar with the requirements of individual flag states, and their implementation.


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Audit and analysis of hydraulic systems and recommendations on systems upgrades to enhance regatta sailing efficiency. Other aspects of this work include upgrades to achieve weight savings, energy efficiency, noise reduction and vibration control. Royal Huisman has considerable expertise in limiting noise and vibration at source and, in addition, in minimising the impact through advanced insulation techniques. Machinery systems can be inspected, certificated and commissioned in house with cooling water and externally-ducted exhaust systems.

Huisfit specialists can be consulted worldwide to provide expert analysis of any persistent issues such as corrosion, problems with the main engine, noise or vibration. The shipyard team (working with specialist surveyors when required) will identify the exact nature of the problem, report and advise the captain or project manager on what needs to be done and set out options for implementation.

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Adding value by the installation of Royal Huisman’s proven Alarm & Monitoring system with PLC's and integrated controls. Inspection and review of electrical systems. Comprehensive updating of electronics with the latest, state of the art equipment for entertainment, communication and navigation electronics. Repairs, maintenance and re-build. Upgrades or replacement of main switchboard, shore power converter, electrical cabinets, cabling, lighting and other elements to optimise energy efficiency, reliability and security.

Follow the link to SKILLS followed by 'GREEN SOLUTIONS' for the ultimate upgrade: a Huisfit conversion from conventional into hybrid.