Rondal by Tom van Oossanen AVV9829 16x9res

Covered rig inspection, upgrades and replacement in both traditional and composite materials. Spar renovation, painting and/or varnishing.

Huisfit projects benefit from the highly regarded expertise and innovation of Rondal, Royal Huisman's sister company. Rondal is especially well known for the sophisticated composite spars and rigs it builds for new projects, but is equally experienced in building and renovating spars for refits. The mast paint hall, built specifically for masts and booms, is a highly controlled environment to achieve the exacting standards required in paint application.

In addition to its close working relationship with Rondal, Royal Huisman regularly works with other leading suppliers of spars and rigging on behalf of its clients, having successful and well-established relationships with most of the major global brands.